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Introduction and overview:
Pharmaceutics is a multidisciplinary applied science that deals with the process of transforming chemical entities into dosage forms that deliver and maintain appropriate drug concentrations at target sites in the body for appropriate times, while being used safely and effectively by patients. Pharmaceutics is associated with designing various dosage forms for delivery of drugs; determining drug storage and stability; and evaluating the effects of administration and formulation factors on the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs in humans. This field requires integration and application of basic concepts from chemistry, biology, physiology, biochemistry and engineering. The Department of Pharmaceutics has a rich tradition of innovation and a commitment to advancing health through new knowledge. Our department brings together expertise in drug delivery, physical pharmacy, biopharmaceutics, clinical pharmacokinetics, formulation development, bioanalysis, drug transport, pharmaceutical nanotechnology and novel drug delivery systems and biomaterials science, to support our educational and research missions.
Our educational Mission is to empower students, pharmacists, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and industrial scientists with various skills in the development, formulation, evaluation and industrialization of different pharmaceutical dosage forms and advanced drug delivery systems.
At the same time our research mission is to conduct innovative pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical research projects and to promote the research work to solve the industrial problems and develop the pharmaceutical products to improve drug delivery.
Our vision is to be nationally and internationally recognized as a center of excellence in pharmaceutics and drug delivery, as distinguished by our innovative work in research and education.
Department of pharmaceutics currently comprises 7 academic staff, 5 PhD students and 1 lab staff.
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